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      Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.

      It was so good of you to let me come and see your books, Mr Keeling, she said. My brother has often told me what delightful Sunday afternoons he has passed with you here.Not permanently thrown away, I hope. But it will give us no return in the way of hospital accommodation.

      But poor parsons going to be lonely again, isnt he? he went on. Didnt ickle bird tell him that Helper was going to spread wings and fly away to Brighton for a fortnight? He mustnt be selfish, mustnt poor parson, but only be glad to think of Helper sitting in the sun, and drinking in life and health again.

      Theres your lark, she whispered.

      Mrs Goodford ate a slice of hot beef in dead silence, with a circular mill-like motion of her chin. It disappeared before her daughter had time to begin eating on her own account, which gave her an opportunity for another attempt to thaw the glacial silence that presided over the nice family party.


      He was aware that she was intending to exercise the dead-weight somewhere. It was not many weeks ago that she had brought it into play regarding Mr Silverdale and his Romish practices, when she had refused to leave his church for the simpler rites of the Cathedral. He had yielded there, because he did not really care whether she and Alice chose to attend a milliner-church or not. They might if they liked: it did not seriously matter. But the dead-weight, if she was{143} intending to exercise it over the question of Norah, mattered very much.Very well. Perhaps you would mention it to your wife and let me know. The town and county generally owe you the deepest debt of gratitude.


      God, theres no fool like an old fool, he said to himself as he skirted with a wide berth past the tussock where larks were nesting.Mr Silverdale got up off the hearthrug where he had been sitting nursing his knees with miraculous celerity. She behind her hidden eyes heard{208} him and knew, she felt she knew, that in another moment would come the touch of his hands on hers as he took them, and bade her look at him. Perhaps he would say, Look at me, my darling; perhaps his delicious joking ways would even at this sublimest of moments still assert themselves and he would say Peep-o! But whatever he did would be delicious, would be perfect. But no touch came on her hands, and there was a long, an awful moment of dead silence, while behind poor Alices hands the dazzle died out of her vision. Before it was broken, she perceived that beyond a shadow of doubt he did not mean her, and both were tongue-tied, he in the shame of having provoked a passion he had no use for, she in the shame of having revealed the passion he had not invited. She had come to the wrong house: she was an unbidden guest who must be directed outside the front-door again.


      Alice guessed what he meant in a moment.